You can surprisingly find all your impressions, fantasies, architectural landscapes, objects, landscapes in the creative works of Sergey Pivtorak in this online art gallery. We can say that any gallery of paintings saturates the viewer with a mysterious color of high art and unique shades of the inner world of their creator.

Being a true admirer of the work of any artist, as for the first time you are also following with admiration how new images and tireless streams of paint appear on the surface of the canvas. The artist seems to breathe life into them, and they are already playfully laying on the canvas of a new work, sometimes spreading freely and freely, and sometimes – splashing out and gradually laying down in layers. Each smear reproductions of famous paintings gives rise to a new element.

Sergey Pivtorak skillfully combine pages of a mysterious past and an unexpected present in his original oil paintings. Perhaps, therefore, the artgallery of beautiful paintings by Sergey pivtorak gives a spiritual, romantic beginning, addressed to the images of the past years of impressionism art.

The most famous oil paintings of the most famous artist

In this there is an eternal creative search of talented authors, both past years, and today’s time. And what is very pleased, to be imbued with their spirit and mood, to be transferred to the Tretyakov Gallery, the Hermitage or the Russian Museum today is quite simple – you just need to open oil paintings online  and enjoy their realism, the color of high art. And it, like many years ago, does not cease to amaze true connoisseurs of painting. Many artists in their works turn to history, the images of the past century. This makes reproductions of paintings not only artistically valuable, but also interesting intellectually.

Sergey Pivtorak Art gallery is a virtual museum in which you will find artworks online which are in a collection of major museums.