Art Shop

You are greeted by a store in which each of you can buy a painting at a price that is acceptable to him. Any room, even the most boring, can be decorated in such a way that it becomes the embodiment of comfort and harmony. To do this, you need to find the right decorations that suit the style. And what could be better than decor in the form of wonderful original oil paintings painted on canvas? Our store of paintings has an impressive variety of products for all sorts of locations.

Store and its advantages over other resources

We created this store of paintings in order to brighten up the rooms that need it. Each canvas has its own standard size. If its dimensions for some reason do not suit you, you can order a canvas suitable for all parameters.

Why our products will be special for you?

  •  Cloths available are not just images, but handmade paintings, in which the author embodied his vision of reality.
  •  Each product – a reflection of a certain mood, because the goods must be selected for a specific space.
  • In the interior oil paintings look flawless. They seem to enliven the place around them.

Sergey Pivtorak Art store has many undeniable advantages:

  1. Huge assortment;
  2. Talented and high-quality works;
  3. Good prices;
  4. Free delivery in Ukraine;

Coming from the street into the premises, many people are deprived of the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature landscapes. For example, the window is not the best view, or the rooms itself cast a gloom. It is in such cases that painting comes to the rescue your appartments, especially since you can buy paintings at a great price. The canvas will make make it brighter.

Here you have the opportunity to buy a painting that was made in the technique that you like most. Sergey Pivtorak Art store sell paintings in the style of impressionism

My art-store is the best place to buy a stunning original painting. Impressionism has become classic, landscapes will look gorgeous in the space of a cozy home, and in a minimalist interior of the office.

You will find a lot of pictures, written using a variety of special tools, for example, a brush or palette knife.

Paintings give a particular room a special charm. What is remarkable, you have a terrific opportunity to buy a picture not only for yourself. The canvas, written on canvas, will become an exquisite gift for any holiday. It can be presented for as a close person: a friend or relative, and a colleague, or even a boss. Everyone will be pleased to receive for their celebration a painting masterfully written by the skillful hand of the artist.

Our regular customers

Many people want to buy painting on canvas today, which needs a bright, original and memorable gift. But our store of paintings is very popular not only among retail customers. We have many customers who want to buy canvases in large quantities.

Spin off

You have the opportunity to buy oil paintings, and also order a painting from your photo. To do this, simply indicate your wishes when ordering and attach a favorite photo. In the shortest terms, your favorite photo will turn into an amazing canvas.

Courier mail will deliver the oil painting to the department of your city, which is closest to you. To buy a picture means to have a miracle.